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Primavera Unifier sits at the heart of your integrated project controls solution, which amongst other functions helps you to manage the document control processes. Whether you are an owner with contractors, or a contractor with clients, during the life of a project there are requirements to collaborate, review and comment on drawings and other document types.

The problems with off-line review

Users of Primavera Unifier would typically complete the drawing review and correction comment processes off-line, with the use of a desktop application and Excel to capture comments.

This requires reviewers to navigate through complex screens and download files outside the system of record, creating disconnected workflows. Whilst the review is being completed, the document controller has no understanding of the percentage complete status. Equally, the consolidator of the correction comments has their work cut out to bring together all the reviewers comments for a subsequent transmittal or submittal process.

Once everyone has finished their reviews and created the Excel list of correction comments, the files must be uploaded and a notification must be sent to the consolidator. The process of correction comment consolidation using desktop applications is laborious and time consuming. Using Excel for comment tracking is a nightmare and not fit for purpose for today’s digital world.

Why integrated online electronic document review for Primavera Unifier?

Powered by Unifier, Review Cloud removes all the inefficiencies and connects document controllers, reviewers and clients enabling a on-line, collaborative, fully electronic document review process.

Review Cloud for Primavera Unifier is tightly integrated to meta data, workflows and tasking and simplifies the user experience.

Review Cloud for Primavera Unifier streamlines the end-to-end electronic document review processes.

The consolidation and reporting functions are automated, culminating in correction comment reports and tracking, using Unifier to provide reports.

Review Cloud for Primavera Unifier automatically extracts correction comments, which can then be reported from a Unifier UDR for tracking purposes.

How does it work

Review Cloud for Unifier is available as a cloud service or on premise.


Kritiki – (HTML5) On-line electronic review for
SharePoint 2013, 2016 on-line, on premise, or Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint on-line, on-premise, or Office 365 offers an alternative collaborative electronic review platform, but is limited when it comes to PDF or native CAD drawings.

Kritiki for Microsoft SharePoint enables organisation to electronically review hundreds of document formats, without the need for complex, expensive applications and removes the need to download / upload documents into desktop applications. Kritiki is available directly from the document libraries and all correction comments are stored in a secure container in SharePoint.

Kritiki is simple to use and accessed directly from the SharePoint menu.

Users can compare document versions and instantly see the difference.

Files are never downloaded and all processes are centred around your SharePoint investment.

Users have a rich set of features that enable the review processes to be completed using your SharePoint investment.

At the end, a PDF is generated and placed into a document library for onward communication and correspondence.

Once a review workflow has been completed, Kritiki has a rendition feature which creates a record of all the mark-ups and generates a PDF/A document which gets placed into a SharePoint document library.

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